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by Dr Dreps • 08 Jun 2018

As the world gets more and more 'woke' we are constantly striving to know better, eat better and dress better. Amongst many other things. We are now willing to take more social responsibility with how we dress ourselves and how what we produce impacts the environment. Similarly, we are also now more concerned about the materials which our clothes are made from, terrible working conditions, fair trade and animal welfare, far more than ever. This has a led to a rise of ethical fashion and sustainable fashion shops & brands. For this article i shall combine the two, as they are closely linked to each other. If ever in Amsterdam, and want to buy ethical and sustainable products, where would you go? I cycled around for a day for you. Will accept donations in blueberry cheesecake for my efforts.

My first stop was SUKHA [Haarlemmerstraat 110]. SUKHA offers a very pleasing shopping experience. They even have a comfy seat on a swing inside. I digress. They mostly have clothes, both from local and international designers. Some designs are made in India & Nepal, but they only deal with companies affiliated with the World Fair Trade Organisation [WFTO]. They also sell beautiful ceramics made from Himalayan clay. Highly recommend this shop. Further down the road is the slightly smaller NUKUHIVA [Haarlemmerstraat 36] which also deals with fair trade brands only.

My favourite stop, which came highly recommended was LENA - The Fashion Library [Westerstraat 174]. It's a library. For clothes. You can borrow an item for a week. Around €4-10 a week. Wear to a wedding, for example. Return it. Just like a book library. There is a subscription service which is points based, and you are allowed to return an item even if you pour red wine on it. Only if the item is truly damaged are you then charged 50% of the sale price of the item. Reasonable. They have a friendly partnership with FASHION FOR GOOD [Rokin 102]. You can return your items there too. Fashion For Good make really cool sustainable t-shirts, which are designed to turn to compost in a few months if ever left on the ground. They also make cool installations from potato peel waste.

Near the famous trendy shopping district of 9 Straatjes you will find PURE BRANDS [Runstraat 8] and THE DARLING [Runstraat 4]. A few doors down is THE DARLING which is quite similar and has very cool signature totebags. Both deal with ethically sourced products.

In the next street, you can find VERSE [ Prinsengracht 581]. Here you find clothes, accessories and beauty products. The shop assistant was most proud of the colourful organic unisex t-shirts, which were made from extremely sustainable products.

My last stop was out East [Oost] at STUDIO JUX [Ceintuurbaan 252]. They sell for several ethically approved brands, plus their own. No vintage stuff here, it's all new. They also sell these cool sustainable cards with seeds in them.

In short, if you care about where your clothes come from, how they are made and so forth, there is plenty of options for you in Amsterdam.

Happy shopping, and stay woke.

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