Earth belongs to the wild kingdom

by Monika Jagiello • 07 Dec 2016

Today we remember nature’s beholding of our last Barbary Lion, a glorious creature who’s ancestors have lived this planet long before anyone of us.

It has been hunted down to extinction by us, the human-man kind; in vain!
We have again and again tried to educate and protect the wildlife endless times…

What we need to understand is that wild-animals have marked their footsteps for centuries. Us- the human mankind- have just revolutionized faster because of the nature of our brains; but if we go back to the roots- this planet belongs to them.
We have taken away their land, their food, their water… their kingdom! And yet we have been so selfish to make them suffer even more.

Where has our gratitude gone?
Why are we so needy for their own flesh for our egocentric satisfaction of a ‘decorative carpet in our homes?
The use of their own flesh and blood has been atrocious and we should be ashamed for it.

This needs to stop and it's time to give back to the wild that have patched this way for us. 

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17 09 2017


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