Doublet: Fashion To Be Enjoyed

by Martin Rybak • 06 Feb 2020

The designer behind Doublet who is winner of the 2018 LVMH Prize presented his new collection in a typical Japanese family restaurant including authentic dishes from Japan as well as the Western culture. Due to the different gimmicks at the location such as a store with Japanese candy, the designer being dressed as a cook and the models being presented as guests of the restaurant made the presentation a very fun one. 

The main focus of the presentation was authenticity which was underlines not only by the location but also by choosing models of all sizes, genders, ages and nationalities. To include everyone and to make fashion fun for everyone was the motto.

The clothing underlined the whole idea of making fashion fun without restrictions. Colorful and playful garments were presented by the models in a way to highlight that people should be proud of whom they are.

By coming up with this ultra creative presentation, Doublet became one of the special highlights of the Paris men's Fashion Week.

Press: Lucien Pages

Production: Stationservice & Olivier Houlez





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