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by Femi Akinriade • 27 Nov 2016

Charlie Buckle is the fashionista behind the brand that bears her name and is a rising star in the world of bespoke luxury outerwear.

Charlotte Buckle is her full name and she is a first generation child of Ghanaian origins. The brand first came on the scene in 2013 and has been received very well by the industry who have responded positively to her designs. Her range of unisex luxurious outerwear have been showcased on the catwalk at Paris fashion week and London Fashion week, so far and will be showing at New York and Milan next year.

Having studied design in Kensington and Chelsea College. Her design ethos is that elegance lies in simplicity. The designs incorporate drapery along with classic defined structured shapes. “My style icon is my grand mother, a woman with effortless style and elegance. My love of her style fuelled my deep affection for 40’s 50’s shapes and silhouettes. Curves with defined symmetrical and asymmetrical lines. And that’s where inspirations for my designs derive from.”

Currently there are 2 collections available, the Drapes & Shades collection that features designs in bright and vivid shades of colour for women and earthy muted shades of colour for men. The new collection is the REGAL collection. A bold and predominantly unisex range with the aim of surrounding the wearer with a noble air. In the range are some amazing designs such as the unisex Cardi-Jack. Which can be dressed up as part of a formal outfit or down for a casual occasion.  Or it’s longer version, Williams & Buckle. Which while loose enough to flatter any body shape, sits flat and flash against the front of the body for a fitted tailored look.

 “I do encounter a few challenges when it comes to the unisex aspect of some of the designs. But those challenges have become inspirations and learning curves as I now view garment design a bit like architecture.  Which I absolutely love. I love abstract art and designing anything is an art form.  And creating androgyny is what I have become most fond of when designing.  

 Loving the fashion of the 40’s 50’s which was all about accentuating the curves of the female form, has lead me to also see how modernism has come to mean that deviating from those common/traditional ways of accentuating curves, can still compliment curves. And it is with this in mind that I have been able to design an androgynous piece that compliments both the structured, masculine male form and the softer curvy female form. “   

Charlie is also a keen campaigner for Sickle Cell Anaemia awareness and as a sufferer herself this is very important to her. The disease brings with it painful episodes called sickle cell crises, which can be very severe. It is caused when the blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen and collapse into a sickle shape occluding blood flow. It can be triggered by exposure to the cold among other things and this need is reflected in the practical heat-retaining aspects of her designs. “Sickle Cell Anemia affects all areas of my life but mostly my mobility. It affected my education and my employment over the years where I couldn’t complete my degree due to a long period of being hospitalised. And after that an exciting job in TV production was interrupted due to daily sickling in my feet. Which left me bed or couch bound most days.  But the silver lining is that it leads me to making the decision to buy my first sewing machine in January 2013 and teaching myself to sew. Which then lead to the birth of Charlie Buckle LTD.”

 The outerwear is also made of British premium wool and keeps the wearer protected from the elements and warm whilst looking elegant and stylish.

The Charlie buckle range can be seen at, where you can order directly or if you are a true connoisseur of fashion and would like something a little bit different to represent your personal style, they offer a bespoke service where you can have a costumed design, choose your colours, have it fitted and delivered to your door.

What is the future for Charlie buckle? Well, the next showing is at a launch event on the 2nd December, at The Old Finsbury Town Hall, Islington London. At 7:30pm. Tickets can be acquired on the Eventbrite when searching for the event. But for regular updates, follow the Instagram account on  @CharlieBuckleClothing.  And on Facebook at @Charlie.Buckle.Clothing.

VAIVAI Magazine will be at the Charlie Buckle Launch & Presentation on 2nd December. Where Charlie will be showcasing the new collection and updated designs of favourites from previous collections.



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