Boramy Viguier AW20: The Strong Parisian Fashion Week Debut Inspired by Money

by Martin Rybak • 30 Jan 2020

For the Paris Fashion Week debut of Boramy Viguier, the brand chose to show its collection in the historical Palais Brongniard, the historical stock exchange of Paris. The main inspiration of the collection was indeed finance and money: the designer took references from films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Boiler Room and merged theme in a dramatic collection that illustrates the influence that money has on all our lives.

"The World of finance is a universe that triggers so much passion. It runs everybody's life"

Being inspired by both positive and negative aspects of money, the result is a collection that shows a wide range of different looks but all of them having a common point: they seem codified, standardised and almost militarized. All those aspecets are making the collection look dramatic, mysterious and ultra cool.

"Finance...we hate it because we feel we are under control (of it)...Yet it is also very attractive. Financial scandals and careers are fascinating and horrific at the same time"

The designer was always aware of the cecessity of sustainability and his production have been strictly confined to France, he went a step further for his AW20 by presenting garments that will not be send to production: these more than exclusive garments include hand-crafting knowhow such as hand painted parts that are created in the brands own Parisian atelier. For this collection, the designer also collaborated with Italian heritage shoe brand VIBRAM to complement the austere looks of the collection.



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