Andrea Crews F/W20: The Art of Upcycling

by Martin Rybak • 05 Feb 2020

Andrea Crews presented its F/W 20 collection during the Paris men's Fashion Week. The main focus of the new collection was the eco-philosophical message behind it: an element that was of importance since the creation of the brand. Upcycling was an important process during the creation of this collection. Already existing clothing was used in order to create new clothing out of them.

During a workshop with the students of Ensad (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) took part in the process of the creation of Andrea Crews FW20 collection by learning the brands special approach to upcycling: Angora wool and vintage leather was turned into new clothing. By this procedure, old clothing is given a second life by the help of a creative and circular process. The painter Ana Castillo painted "clothing on clothing" in a "myse-en-abyme"-style as well as with the use of optical illusions.

The brand, which is known for being highly innovative, going against current trends and being ultra creative decided to come up with a radical proposal: the runway was replaced by performance art in a disenchanted after party mood. A musical performance by Bella Baguena and the fact that all models were street casted underlined the radical concept of this seasons presentation of the brands strong collection.





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