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by Dr Dreps • 29 May 2018

In London it's quite easy to do street style photography as a photographer. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to walk around a lot to find subjects, when in fact the most efficient method is simply to sit outside a cafe or have a window seat in Shoreditch - Camden or Brixton etc. Minimum effort with maximum results.. In Amsterdam however, a different approach is needed.

Everyone is on a bike! Most Dutch nationals admit to having three bikes, with the shitty one almost always reserved for nights out apparently. But i digress. How does one get to photograph street fashionistas in a city where people mostly cycle? And worse still... cycle VERY fast past you and your camera? Chase after them with your bike too of course! Yes, really. I had to do this 50% of the time. And sometimes you spot someone cycling the opposite way, have to turn back at the next safest turn and then chase after them. Safe to say, i had to go so fast to catch some of them i'm considering applying to team sky. Chris Froome might need to watch himself.

Coming up alongside someone on your bike and have to politely ask to photograph them sounds as awkward as you think it does. But someone has to do it right? How else are non Dutch people ever going to get a glimpse of how the dutch people dress in these Amsterdam streets? I'll accept donations in cheesecake for my efforts, thank you very much.

My favourite Dutch fashionistas are the ones who dress to match their bikes! Listen, it's so damn cute. I don't care what anybody else says. In London i'm usually drawn to colourful hair or colourful outfits, so naturally as soon as i see a colourful bike + a colourful rider on it, me and my camera instantly got very interested. I did find certain fashionistas walking about on foot of course. Can't go everywhere with a bike after all. Some i spotted cycling past cafes. Going at a slow pace helped. Much to the dismay of many Dutch folks in a hurry. Only tourists cycle slowly here. Frowned upon, naturally.

Due to the fact that cycling is also a tiresome physical activity, one has to safely conclude most dutch people dress practically. A dutch pal admitted to cycling with her sneakers, then putting her heels on once she got off the bike outside her office. Although you will see MANY fabulous ladies cycling very fast and rather easily in heels. They were probably sat on bikes before they could walk.

When i get dressed in the mornings, even i now think of how my outfit will look on the bike! It's a factor. It's a way of life. The beautiful bike life.



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28 07 2018


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