Alexandra Moura at London Fashion Week 2016

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 25 Feb 2016

Designer Profile

Alexandra Moura was born in Lisbon in 1973. In April 2002 she presented the “Autumn/Winter ’02” collection at the “Lab space” - 18th “ModaLisboa- Lisbon fashion week”. Since October 2002, Alexandra takes part of the designers group which presents their collections twice a year at the Lisbon Fashion Week.

First presenting in 2002 at Lisbon Fashion Week, the best-kept secret in the Portuguese fashion scene, Alexandra Moura is bringing her eponymous label and its unmissable collection back to London Fashion Week AW16, following the successful debut in SS16.

With her quirky approach to mixing polar opposites; light and shadow, sharp and soft, female and masculine, she pushes the boundaries of fashion. Soft spoken Moura lets the silhouettes of her designs do the talking instead, by transforming the human body into an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful figure.

By not restricting her inspiration to the world of fashion or following seasonal trends has enabled Moura to incorporate futuristic and timeless concepts within her designs.

Currently an MA tutor in Portugal, Moura shares her knowledge by mentoring young and upcoming fashion students. As well as this, Alexandra Moura frequently collaborates with numerous creative artists globally, having produced the wardrobe for plastic artist Joana Vasconcelos and British duo Aluna George.

Alexandra Moura is part of the Heavy London Showroom




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