5 ways for lazy girls to keep healthy

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 10 Dec 2016

Staying healthy requires effort, persistence and self-control. So if you’re a little on the lazy side and would rather eat pizza, watch Netflix and sleep-in than start your day with yoga and a green smoothie – then it’s far more realistic to implement simple changes to your routine. Here’s our lazy girl guide with health tips on how to stay in shape, without really trying…

#1 Stock your freezer with veggies

To avoid ordering take-away, keep your freezer stocked full of frozen vegetables. For those nights when you just can’t be bothered cooking, they are a super easy, super quick and super healthy alternative to your local pizzeria. Pop them in the microwave to defrost, sauté them in a pan with a dollop of coconut oil and add your protein of choice. 

#2 Prepare a snack box

Every Sunday, prepare your snacks for the week ahead. Fill up zip-lock bags with healthy treats, and take them with you to work each day. Snacking on things like nuts, seeds and medjool dates will save you from devouring half a packet of Tim Tams come 3pm. 

#3 Eat off smaller plates 

The bigger your plate, the larger the portion of food you consume. Reduce the size of your plate, and you decrease the amount of food you’re eating. Simple but pretty damn effective. 

#4 Carry around a big water bottle

Do you struggle to drink the recommended eight glasses of water every day? Pack a large bottle of water in your handbag each day. You’ll find you’ll want to drink the water to avoid lugging around a heavy bottle. 

#5 Exercise in front of the TV

If you often forgo exercise to watch the latest episode of your favourite series – why not combine the two? Run on the treadmill, sweat it out in a Kayla Itsines workout or practice your downward dogs while watching your favourite show. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring after all. 

Do you struggle with staying healthy? Which of the above tips will you implement into your routine?







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