4 Accessories for Cold Weather

by Nyaeb • 28 Dec 2017

4 Accessories for Cold Weather

Text/ Catalina Coca

Each season comes with new clothing proposal meant to complete your wardrobe.

Although temperatures drop considerably in autumn-winter months, we are lucky enough to have at our disposal lots of accessories to keep us warm without any threats to our personal style.

Multi-coloured or monochrome, made of wool or cashmere, with flowers or patterns or oversized, scarves and wraps completely our outfit regardless of any time of the day.

For a smart or quite the opposite, an eclectic and daring look, fur wraps are an inspired choice. On the other hand, scarves are much more playful and you can be sure to always be the object of everybody’s admiration. You can choose from a variety of knots, the most-known being the Audrey Hepburn Style, the “bow-scarf”, the cowboy or the retro style. At the same time, scarves can also be worn as head pieces and here you can let your imagination go wild.

Gloves protect our hands from the cold, but they can also give any full outfit a touch of colour. Just like scarves and wraps, the variety of fabrics and patterns helps us bring some colour into our style and wardrobe.Elbow-long gloves, as well as woollen gloves with feminine details, are among our favourite.

Three-quarter socks or those over the knee are in between innocence and sensuality, but it all depends on the remaining items which make up the final outfit. For instance, they can be worn with smart casual dresses or denim skirts, even with shorts, but in this context, footwear is extremely important. Our proposal is either Oxford shoes or an army or low-heeled boots.

In the past, any feminine outfit was completed wearing a hat, the models were highly sophisticated, there were expensive and delicate fabrics and surprisingly shapes and associations.

With the evolution of fashion, the hat became an accessory mostly associated with social events, is less frequently used with casual outfits. We encourage you to include them in your wardrobe, since they are comfortable and can complement your outfits, regardless of whether you’re wearing trousers or a dress. Wool or felt are recommended for the cold season, while the brim size must follow the shape and bone structure of the face, as well as the breadth of the shoulders.






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