3 Healthy Lifestyle Choices

by VAIVAIMAGAZINE • 20 Jan 2016

Regardless your lifestyle choices, there are things that could help anyone have a healthier body and lifestyle, bellow you can can find what is good or what is not in our daily diet.

1. Sugar

You can substitute it with honey or maple syrup in most preparations . You have the advantage of sweeteners as efficient , but also a high intake of nutrients and the body is happier to be rid of a tough fight .  You'll find the raw- vegan cuisine a multitude of delicious choices and absolutely no sugar

2. Good fats in moderation

There is good and evil and in the world of fats. The bad things are those of animal origin, which increase the level of the total cholesterol, increase the risk of the occurrence of cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes. If you want to be healthier, let go to fat beef, pork, butter and lard on the list of things to be avoided.

You can replace with oils pressed when cold, nuts and seed cruel, avocado. They are all good fats that will facilitate the absorption of vitamins lipid-soluble and fatty acids essential. In other words, make a positive contribution to the condition of your well.

3. Hydration, hydration, hydration

Even the advertisement from the TV urges us on the consumption of 2 liters of liquid. I would like to do those liquids pure water with a PH as alkaline medium. Did not wait to be thirsty, for at that moment your body has already submitted serious efforts to operate normally. The easiest way to check if you are hydrated is to check the urine. If this is constantly in diluted, colorless or yellow hydrated you.




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