17 conclusive evidences that the fashion of ’90s returns

by Oleg Kolysnychenko • 16 Feb 2017

They say history repeats itself and that everything new is a well-forgotten old. Clothes from ‘90s are rapidly returning to become fashionable again.

17. High Waisted Jeans

To the delight of many fashionistas, high waisted jeans are coming back jeans.

16. Ripped jeans

Yes, in the ‘90s we were not afraid of falling off the bicycle or rollers because the holes on knees were a fashionable attribute, not a reason to be punished. And if it was ripped incorrectly, the solution to that was that these jeans could always be cut and worn as shorts.

15. Extra-short denim shorts

Perhaps the most suitable cloth item for a hot summer.

14. Denim overalls

Comfort lovers got their opportunity to wear again their favourite overalls.

13. Denim vests

It is also time for denim vests to get out of the closet.

12. Denim jacket

Denim jackets were the best sellers of ‘90s. Unexplainable how we got along without them for so many years?

11. Black leather jacket

In ‘90s we learned that a black leather jacket was able to complete absolutely any style.

10. Double denim

Ah yes! You can again dress up in your favourite cloths from head to toe. No one else will be able to reproach us for jeans with a denim jacket.

9. Checkered shirt

In the ‘90s it became clear that the plaid shirt is not only for men. 2016 confirms it again.

8. Crop Tops

Short top is probably one of the best things that we inherited from that turbulent decade.

7. Open Shoulder Tops

Open shoulders tops was one of the most feminine and sexy fashion trends that was comes from the ‘90s.

6. Floral Dresses

A floral dress will also add a hundred points to femininity. Yes, we have already forgotten that in the ’90's was popular not only denim.

5. Leggings

Of course, this style can not be imagined without leggings or tights - as we used to called them back then.

4. Colourful Hair

Also the unusual hair colour - another trend of that decade.

3. Collars and round glasses

The ’90s are back with their round glasses and decorative collars. Big-lens glasses For those of us who are not in happy with round glasses, fashion returns the big-lens glasses.

2. Military boots

It’s a wonder, but army boots become almost any style. Say thanks to fashion — now you can dust them off and take them out of the closet.

1.Platform shoes

And lastly, platforms. There probably wasn’t a single girl who wouldn’t have liked to have such a pair of shoes or boots at the time.





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