VAIVAI MAGAZINE is an online platform for and by a creative, socially aware and culturally engaged international community of similarly minded people. We encourage our readers to contribute and bring both authenticity and diversity to the content. 


The magazine encourages the work of young journalists and seeks to combine this with the insights of those who are passionate, knowledgeable, and aware of the challenges the future will bring, and who have the writing skills to share their ideas and opinions. We support young and environmentally friendly designers and encourage them to share their collections and their views on the evolution of the fashion industry.



With more and more consumers who turn to eco-friendly alternatives, VAIVAI MAGAZINE is dedicated to partnerships with artisans to promote self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship in emerging economies. It gathers tips and talks on Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty for readers to stay informed on the latest news and trends, as well as their favorite products and services. The emphasis is wholesome and natural, and VAIVAI MAGAZINE is happy to suggest products made from organic sources such as vegan beauty treatments, organic cotton fashions, and other crafts that are supportive of green living.


                           VAIVAI MAGAZINE's Core Values

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Our Vision 

At VAIVAI MAGAZINE, the team is focused on creating a better, healthier, more responsible approach to the world in which we live. It believes in things well-done, and the unlimited possibility of creating relevant content for their contributors and readers. Hence, to position itself as a leading and respected voice that engages with a culturally and socially aware readership, VAIVAI MAGAZINE seeks to operate according to the high standards expected within the publishing industry and to be in the lead of efforts to build a clear image for such organizations in the online media. At the core of the vision for the magazine is a belief in the integrity of purpose, and an openness to how we engage with our lives now and in the future.


Our Mission 

VAIVAI MAGAZINE is an online publication that provides a free of charge writing platform for young journalists, or just passionate people with writing skills, to increase awareness of contemporary issues, and to make available their articles to be seen by others sharing the same interests. It seeks to encourage and assist people in writing more and being part of a growing source of responsible information sourced from outside the mainstream media.

Editorial oversight and peer-review seek to protect the independence of the contributors: it is light-touch, with an emphasis on source verification and factual accuracy where this is appropriate. At VAIVAI MAGAZINE, we believe that being aware of different stories and perspectives from around the world help make it a better place. Hence, the magazine is committed to providing access to information in a way that enables contributors to build their career profiles, without the restrictions of commercially sourced media, and readers with a fresh perspective on issues that are important to them. We believe that excellent and thoughtful writing, and the ability to engage with it, remain crucial to an open and independent society, and the physical, social and political environment in which we conduct our lives.